Meal Planning Tips
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Before you start meal planning and head out to the market, here are some tips to help you get food on the table quickly, leaving you time to enjoy the party.

Make a list and check it twice:

When meal planning, take the time to write out your menu well in advance of your party: While you’re at it, write out your grocery list.This will prevent last minute scrambling.

Keep it simple .....Plan your dinner menu to be, as simple as possible, choosing items that can be prepared well before your guests arrive. This way all you need do is warm up your dishes and serve.

Practice, practice, practice......Try every recipe you plan to make for your party, at least once before serving it to guest. Having already made the recipe once before will reduce the time it take to re-create it.

Mix it up..........Plan to serve a combination of hot and cold foods so that you don’t have to spend too much time fussing over the stove as your guests arrive.

Get out the slow cooker..... If at all possible try to use your slow cooker it will save you a lot of time, there are many things you can make in it.

Potluck Meal Planning

Ask your guests what type of dish they would like to bring to your party,so you can make certain that every type of dish......From appetizer to entree to offered at your party.

Shop for your ingredients in advance so that you will have everything you need on hand to prepare your dish.

To get your dish to the party safely, use a sturdy container, many now have covers and if you have a cooler, try wrapping the dish in newspaper and a towel, place it in the cooler and it will stay warm for hours.

Be sure to highlight ingredients in your dish, like nuts and shellfish, which may cause food allergies.

Consider creating recipe cards to place beside your delicious dish......that way other guests can try your dish at home.

For your next gathering why not make the potato your main dish and build your menu around it, with toppings such as........ ground beef, baked beans, bacon bits, chives, green onions, salsa, chili, sour cream and cheddar cheese.

When you need a dessert for a large gathering, you can never go wrong by adding Apple Crisp to your menu, it is easy to make and very economical and of course everyone will love it.

Do you want a great side dish? then you are at the right place, coleslaw is nutritious and taste great, try it with dried or fresh fruits and your favourite vegetables.

Here is a menu and shopping list.

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