Easter Recipes... Delicious Ham

When I get out my Easter recipes to plan my menu for this special season, I am excited for I know it is not long now for spring to come, with all the beautiful flowers.

I like to prepare a pre-cooked ham for I know it will only take half an hour to cook, I make most of my salads the day before,I make more pies than I will need for there is always coffee breaks, set my table, wash lettuce and bag it for my toss or Caesar salad, make treats for the kids, my husband will hide the Easter eggs, for the grand children will be here for dinner.

Two hours before serving time I will place my ham in the oven to cook, make sure you let it rest for twenty minutes before slicing, and I always make extra glaze to be served with the ham.

If you are having out of town guests, then buy as large a ham as your pan will hold, there are so many great recipes for your breakfast the next day, why not try hash brown and ham.

Do not feel shy to serve ham again the next day, for it will taste so different in this lovely scalloped potatoes with a spinach salad and Itallian bread, and for dessert you should have the extra pies you made the day before to serve.

There is never any ham wasted you can add it to so many recipes or just make a great ham sandwich.

With these Easter recipes you can make a great impression on your dinner guests, with a tasty Ham, the glaze adds a delicious sheen to the meat, the mustard and jam gives it a zing, penetrating every tender juicy slice.

1 Ham boneless fully cooked 5 lbs or 7-8 lbs with bone.Follow cooking directions on label.

Servings: 12

Glaze For Ham

  • 2/3 cup fruit spread or jam
  • 1/4 cup packed brown sugar

  • 3 tbsp mustard

  • 1/2 tsp ground ginger

    You can use any jam, pineapple, apricot or marmalade is my favourite.

    Add all ingredient in a sauce pan, heat until jam is melted, just mix well and that is your glaze. Take off heat until ready to use.

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