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A Christmas Menu can help you have a stress free dinner, whether you are cooking for five or fifty Christmas is a time of celebrating the birth of Jesus from going to church on Christmas Eve to singing Christmas carols, getting ready for the big dinner on Christmas Day with family and friends.

Decorations and gifts are bought and wrapped, trees are trimmed and everyone is in a festive spirit.

This is the time of recalling the warm memories of family and friends, sometimes even wanting those days back again, with the fast pace of life today ..........I invite you to take a step back to a earlier.... less hectic... more traditional time.... when Christmas was more personal and less filled with the excesses of commercialism to a time when gifts and decorations did not come from a store, but was made and cooked with loving hands in the comfort of our homes.

When you have a Christmas menu it is a list of the things you have to shop for or gather before the event.

At my house Christmas would not be celebrated without .Turkey . on the menu with all the trimmings.....Mashed Potatoes ..Carrot Salad Broccoli Salad and ....Stuffing........don’t forget the Honey Green Beans with Pecans & Cranberries....... and there is always a plate of..Shortbread and other.... Desserts.

Christmas is tomorrow, but the turkey is frozen solid, do not panic you still have time to thaw it, 1-2 days would be better, but you can do it.

Thaw more quickly by submerging the turkey in salted cold water, unwrap the turkey and place breast down in a tub or sink of cold tap water. Allow 30 minutes per pound.

No Roasting Pan?

Use a cookie sheet, now get 3 carrots and place on sheet and place turkey on top of them, this will keep your turkey from sitting in the juices and it will cook evenly, now cover with foil. The last 30 minute of cooking time uncover and baste often.

New Pan

Always test to see if your turkey will fit your pan, even if your have to take a measurement of both at the super market, this will prevent any surprises.

Don’t Be Stressed

You can ask for help----ask guests to bring their own favourite holiday side dish or dessert.

That way you get help and guests feel like they’ve contributed to the meal.


  • Turkey with Stuffing & Gravy

  • Mashed Potatoes

  • Carrot & Broccoli Salad

  • Green Beans With Pecans & Cranberries

  • Caesar Salad

  • Rolls

  • Desserts

  • Christmas Pudding

  • Cranapple Pie

  • Fruit Tray

  • Punch– Tea–Coffee & Water

    Roast Turkey

    Christmas Pudding

    Carrot Salad

    Easy cooking for a crowd home

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