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I am married to my husband John, for 42 years, a mother of three grown children, we all live in Ontario Canada.

We have a lovely daughter Lisa and two great sons, David and Brian.

All married, and the grandmother to three fantastic kids Ainsley our artist, Eric our gymnast, and Logan the five year old dare devil, all very active in sports.

When I was growing up I did no cooking, I had three older sisters to do that, but after I got married I now had to learn to cook, so I set out to teach myself how.

Many a dinner my poor husband ate with one hand holding a glass of milk or water and the other the fork, because the meal was too hot, he was always so great with his complements even when I burnt the dinner.

I love to work in my garden, make crafts, and wedding cakes, I like to work with fondant icing. Just made our son and his bride their wedding cake.

I now enjoy cooking, and love to try new recipes, I started a catering business with the help of my family, I loved meeting all the people, but after quite a while working almost all weekends, I decided it was time to stop, I continued catering conferences, banquets and conventions for my church and weddings for friends, but no more weekends.

I bought a computer and set out to teach myself how to use it, that was a daunting job, some times fun, when the computer ask me to do a task, I had to google to find out how to do it.

Then one day my friend Wendy, who I am sure you have met in the forum, we go to the same church, said she was going to teach a course on how to build your own website and if I would like to come? I did, and found the very best, step-by-step builder on the web, and that was what I needed.

After all my research I found that this generation of cooks love to entertain and really wanted to cook these meals themselves, but most are on a budget and did not know a lot about cooking in quantity and was very afraid to do so, that is why this site was made.

This site has been a wonderful experience, and I have learned so much, I love to get any questions from other cooks and to hear about your experiences, tips or shortcuts for cooking.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


I made this wedding cake for our son and daughter-in-law.

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