Easy Cooking for a Crowd Puts the Fun Back Into Entertaining Large Groups!

Do you plan on cooking for a crowd anytime soon? Are you hosting a party or event? Let me show you how easy cooking for large crowds can be. With good planning YOU can do it.

You will first need to answer a few questions like...
  • When?
  • Where?
  • What?
  • How?
  • When? Set a date. It is also a good idea to check with your guests to see if they will be available. This way you will cut down on the cancellation rate and help you determine how many guests could potentially come. You now have your guest list.

    Where? Do you have enough space in your home? If not, is a friend's house available? In the summer the event could even be held outdoors.

    What to cook? Make a menu. What is your favorite dish... the one your family enjoys eating?

    Please---Please do not try making a dish you have never tried before, even when the picture looks good.

    Now get yourself a coffee or tea and start writing out your menu, there is a lot of easy cooking for a crowd help here.

    You know your guests' likes and dislikes. You also know if any of them have allergies.

    Will there be children at the party? Older adults? You will need to plan for them.

    Next, think about how many pots and pans are required to cook your feast. If you do not have enough, borrow some from a friend.

    Do you have more than one stove? How much stove top or oven space do you need?

    Make a list of all equipment required for each dish.

    When making your menu, write down the time it take to make each dish and how long it takes to cook it. At this moment you might be wondering why, but on the day of your party it will become very clear how important this is.

    Try to use seasonal fruits and vegetables if possible. You will find easy cooking for a crowd recipes you can make ahead of time to freeze. You can even opt to use some prepared dishes and cook only the main dish.

    When planning a party try and start about a month before the date, as this will give you lots of time to plan your menu and buy some of your supplies. That way you can spread out your expenses. Oh... and do not forget to buy your decorations. If you need help ask your friends most would not mind, planning a party is fun.

    If you invest time in the first two weeks it will pay off as you get closer to the big day. You can never over plan. Be prepared and you will see how easy cooking for a crowd can be.

    Ham and Cheese Pancakes
    Ham and Cheese Pancakes, just another great way to enjoy your breakfast.
    Apple Bread
    This apple bread is so moist and delicious all your friends will love it.
    Party Punches
    Party punches, hot or cold... Come try our delicious drink recipes for your party.
    Banana French Toast
    Try this Banana french toast and you will never go back to plain Toast again, bananas are rich in Potassium and essential minerals.
    Christmas Menu Celebrations
    Your Christmas Menu would not be complete without a turkey dinner.
    Chocolate Zucchini Cake
    Chocolate Zucchini Cake, is moist, tender and delicious, here is two recipes that can be made from scratch or you can use a cake mix either will taste great.
    Almond Chicken
    Almond Chicken is perfect for a summer dinner party, served with an arugula salad.
    Apple crisp
    Apple crisp---smell the cinnamon taste the tart in the apples, drop a scoop of ice cream --indulge
    Cooking Roast Beef
    Cooking a roast beef dinner can be healthy, delicious and a crowd pleaser.
    Pumpkin Squares
    These pumpkin squares are for all you pumpkin lovers.Easy to make.
    Mashed Potatoes
    Mashed Potatoes...... are rich in vitamin C and Potassium.
    Easy Party Recipes
    Be a guest at your own party, with easy party recipes.
    Grilled Watermelon
    As you grill watermelon wedges will become caramelized drizzled with garlic chili sauce and garnished with cilantro.
    Mango Sauce
    Mango Sauce is made from a sweet and juicy tropical fruit, that is a excellent source of Vitamin A and C is packed with fiber.
    Brown Rice Salad
    Do you need a crunchy salad for your next party, then try this Brown Rice Salad.
    Chinese Rice Salad
    Delicious, colourful, crunchy main Chinese Rice Salad dish, you will want to add to your summer menu.
    Cole Slaw
    Cole slaw is a great side dish , you can add your favourite fruits, vegetables or bacon bits to it.
    Strawberry Tart
    Strawberry Tarts are elegant and delicious dessert, that can be enjoyed all year round, with a cup of tea or drink of you choice.
    Broccoli Salad
    Broccoli salad make it the day before your dinner party, its delicious and nutricious
    Leftover Turkey With A Flair
    Leftover Turkey, has never tasted so good.
    menu and shopping list
    Christmas dinner menu and shopping list, you can do this!
    meal planning
    Having a party? Let me help you with your meal planning.
    Chocolate Sauce
    Who doesn’t love chocolate? As it drips down a piece of cake or ice cream, you can taste it before the fork touches your lips.
    Slowcooker roast beef
    Slowcooker roast beef will guarantee you of a delicious dinner.
    Sweet Potato Soup
    This Sweet Potato Soup has the spice of chili and lime, this soup will be a big hit with it's added tangy goodness of yogurt.
    Zucchini Brownies
    Zucchini Brownies are the perfect dessert, not only does it stir up memories of childhood, but is low in calories and sodium.
    Strawberry Soup
    Cold Strawberry Soup is the perfect treat for a steamy summer night. With a kick of peppery whipping cream and drunken berries.
    Cooking for a crowd can be fun. Easy meals for all your entertaining, meal planning, free menus, party ideas.
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